There are lots of good resources available that support newbies and more experienced participants in the Entropia Universe. Below the PE team has selected some key links that can support your experience and growth in world. Each link has a quick summary to assist you in identifying if it is of use given your present needs. Note if you are a newbie please use the Planet Employability guides to start as they have been developed to act as a basic start. Once you have read through these then you should explore these links to development your in-world knowledge.

This is your key gateway into all things relevant to the Entropia Universe. Always remember that at this stage Planet Employability is only active in Planet Calypso.

Your gateway to Planet Calypso be sure to visit this site often to keep in the know.

Here you will find an excellent Wiki to support your in-world activities; almost all you need is here in sufficient detail. This is a good platform for widening your knowledge base.

These forums are a key area for learning from fellow in-world avatars. Be sure to open an account and to keep an eye on developments and areas of interest.

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