The Planet Employability Society is lead by Prof Derune and aims to support all in-world avatars to meet their stated goals and objectives.

The Planet Employability Society is key to the operational framework in terms of supporting entry into the Entropia Universe. The society is open to anyone who wants to develop their real world skills profile through engaging in EU. There are a number of steps that all newbies have to follow in order to join the PE Society, once you are part of the Society you will qualify for hunting expeditions, mining trips and loan and low rental of in-world equipment.

Join PE Society – The first steps is to request an e-mail account from Planet Employability, please send request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will receive a welcome e-mail and all the details that you will need to proceed.

PE Society Rules - The society is committed to developing all members skills base both in Entropia and beyond. The rules of the society are based on Vision, Mission and Values statement.

PE Society Vision – the development of a robust and coherent system that mobilizes the potential of virtual worlds to meet the increasing need for marginalized people in the both the developing and developed world to increase their ICT skills and improve their employability options

PE Society Mission – Planet Employability is committed to using the potential of the Entropia Universe to realize the vision and map key in world skills to real world outcomes and employment opportunities. Planet Employability will also endeavour to create in-world opportunities for people in areas where there are limited real world opportunities.

PE Society Values - Planet Employability subscribes to the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These rights are extended to all avatars in Entropia. No violence in world will be perpetrated against any other avatars and all Planet Employability staff and students will not be permitted to enter the Player versus Player (PvP) Zone.


EE Society Rules


EE Society Doc 1


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EE Society Doc 3

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